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Wavvz of Stitching aims to create a nurturing environment where students can excel in fashion, inspired by music and painting. Started in 2018, it began as a response to the lack of support for BIPOC individual  in the fashion industry. Over the years, it has grown to teach over 20 individuals annually, covering sewing, embroidery, and fabric manipulation. The program, held every summer, offers a five-week course taught by two teachers and volunteers, focusing on individualized instruction. Wavvz of Stitching also aims to provide a platform for marginalized communities, fostering mentorship, collaboration, and peace-building through fashion. The organization measures success by the passion and potential of its students, empowering them to achieve their goals.

Wavvz of Stitching Application
This workshop requires you to be able to attend all these dates for you to be enrolled. Please check all boxes as required and if available

Thanks for your application

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